Map of the Night Sky

This map of the night sky is representative of the sky as seen from the UK, it is a live map and updates every second. The map is suitable for latitudes up to 15° north or south of Sheffield, so covers the whole of the UK. This map is how the sky appears directly over your head, which is why the East and West cardinal points appear reversed. Hold the map above your head for an accurate representation of the night sky.

Using a printout of the Map of the Night Sky

To create a printout of the map. Right click on the map and select ‘save image as’, choose a location/filename and the map will download in the form of a png image, open the image and print. Alternatively, right click on map and select ‘copy image’, then paste into your preferred software (eg. Paint) and print.

Find somewhere preferably away from the glare of artificial lights to stargaze. Turn to face south (the Sun sets approximately to your right) with north at the top of the page; the lower half of the chart will represent the southern region of sky you are facing. Turn around and face north, rotate the map so that south is at the top; the lower half of the chart will now represent the northern region of the sky you are facing. And so on for other points of the compass. The centre of the chart always represents the point overhead, or the zenith.